Privacy Policy

An open door into what is going on with your information…

The only personal information I obtain from a visitor to this site is (a) that which a visitor manually provides in the contact form (specifically, name and email address), and (b) statistical information such as your IP address/browser version/device type/operating system/location information.

I don’t use any of this information for any purpose other than my own amusement. Like, “Oh wow, someone from Malta looked at this site using an iPhone.” I will not share or sell this information to anyone else. Of course, if you’ve contacted me via the contact form, and I want to write you a response, I will use your name and email address to properly address you in an email. I won’t send you any unsolicited emails, add you to an email list, or otherwise use your email address for any purposes other than responding to your initial inquiry.

You should also know that this site is hosted by Squarespace, and as a result your data will be available to Squarespace - and subject to their privacy policy located at