Ian in Havana, Cuba

Ian Wood

I was born, raised, and live in Berkeley, California. One day in mid-2016 I was walking my dog (pictured below) around the neighborhood and, in an effort to keep myself entertained for a change (why should it be all about the dog?), I started to photograph things I found interesting. Berkeley is the birthplace of the 1960s Free Speech Movement, and while that was well before my time, the spirit of those days can still be seen if you look hard enough. I started noticing all types of garages and decided to document them in this project. Since then I've found several hundred that are just a little "different." Some are crumbling, some are painted over in colorful home-made murals, some are drowning in lush ivy. All say "Berkeley" in their own way. 

Also, as a true Berkeleyan I value my neighbors and believe all are welcome. In that spirit I've put together a few pages showcasing just some of the wonderful garages of Berkeley's neighboring cities. There will be more to come, so enjoy!

Berkeley and Beyond! 

This garage photo project has gotten some fun coverage locally (QuirkyBerkeley and Berkeleyside) and even made the news overseas (The Guardian/Observer in the UK, RuHerald in Russia and Il Post in Italy). Also some nice 'shout-outs' from around the globe (EnglandThe NetherlandsIndia, Italy, and down in SoCal in the LA Times). Now our garages have a global audience!